How to Enjoy your time with Your Filipino Date!

How to Enjoy your time with Your Filipino Date

New Secret !!  Have you ever wondered what it takes to enjoy your time with your Filipino partner?

It’s Fairly Easy and Simple, At the end of this blog We will tell you the secret to becoming happy together with your Filipino date. But before that, let’s talk about the tips and tricks to enjoying your time with your Filipino date.

Enjoy your time with your filipino date

Tip # 1: Become positive: filipino date

By Becoming Positive, you will attract positive energy, Not only you will appear more attractive, but you will be perceived as a nonchalant person. There are few ways to become positive, One is by looking at the positive side of everything. Example, if you had a bad date, instead of thinking about that bad date, you will think “Oh, Maybe she or he is not just for me, Great thing I knew it now.” This small correction will instantly make you feel more positive. Another thing you can do is to remain calm, by becoming calm, you are stating that you are in control of your own environment. You can remain positive by looking at the positive side of things, never letting anybody affect your default state.

Tip #2: Give Compliment:

By Giving Compliment, you indicate that you appreciate him or her, which makes him or her happy. If you are dating a Filipino girl, she will instantly feel appreciated. Just make sure to not overdo it, or it will appear fake and scripted. Don’t try to flatter her, but instead, throw some genuine compliments. For example,  Instead of saying “You look super beautiful” Say something like “Baby, your eyes are so gorgeous, I think we can make cute babies.” Which is very playful and straightforward, but also funny and genuine, this will help you to enjoy with your filipino date.

Tip # 3: Never tolerate negative environment:

Stay away from negative people. This is probably one of the best advice that you can hear, because if you are with negative people or environment, then your positive energy won’t matter. Negative people don’t see the positive on things. Most of the negative people around the world are toxic. Further, Some negative people are envious, angry and insecure at something. If you want to become happy in dating your filipino partner, make sure you always become positive in life. Becoming positive and letting go of negative people will jumpstart your dating life and will tremendously increase your happiness.

Tip # 4: Always give your helping hand:

Whenever your date needs help with something, always give. The more you try to help others, the more they feel good being with you, and it has also a positive effect on how you feel. You start to feel blessed, contented and happy in life. We are not talking about giving material things, we are talking about helping your partner in times of despair, comforting her during bad times, and guiding her home when you both drink. Also, always know your boundaries. Never try to disrespect or touch woman if they don’t like being touched. Remember to stay respectful and know when you are doing something that she won’t like. By giving your helping hand, she will appreciate you and will likely to date you even more.

Tip # 5: Crack some jokes when you are with her:

By Having a good time, you need to enjoy yourselves together. As a result, you need to crack some solid funny jokes. You don’t need to be corny, you just need to be good in delivery and you always laugh at her jokes. By doing this, you show that you are not that serious and you are fun to be with. Filipinos love to date funny guys. A sense of humor is a big plus in your dating game. By throwing good jokes, you are showing her that you are having a great time, at the same time you have a high emotional intelligence, since you don’t take things seriously.


  • The secret to having a happy dating life with your filipino date is becoming HONEST. Honesty is the best policy. By staying true to yourself and being genuine, you instantly reflect your confidence and show to your partner what you really are. By not acting fake, or thinking of a script while being with her. You are instantly making yourself desirable, and ultimately fun to be with. Always remember to not judge your partner, become positive, avoid negative topics, stay true to yourself, and have a sense of humor, respect her as well.

  • By doing this you will become unstoppable, and you will definitely have a good time.

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