Crazy 8 Rules for Dating in a modern world ~ Dating in the Philippines

Crazy 8 Rules for Dating in the Philippines is more difficult than ever in this age of internet dating, virtual flirting, and location-based encounters via apps. What’s more, what’s more difficult? Knowing how to act and react if you encounter someone you like in person (because, let’s face it, flirting and conversing online is so much easier because you have time to consider your oh-so-natural and funny response). Also, what are the dating rules? Is it appropriate for a woman to ask a man out during Meet Filipinas? Is that a bit intimidating? Society and its norms change in response to what people require and possess. Men used to be solely responsible for asking women out and paying for the date. Why? Because they had the cash, the means of transportation, and all the cards. As the higher-earning gender, they had the privilege of not just choosing who to ask out, but also of paying for it.

Crazy 8 Rules

Women now make nearly as much as males, indicating that society has moved away from this compensation model. Nonetheless, the old-fashioned mentality about who should do the asking (and paying) persists, resulting in a disconnect and a great deal of ambiguity about how to act. As a Blogger, I encounter a lot of high-powered, executive women who make a lot of money and have a lot of self-assurance.
Why shouldn’t they approach a man and ask him out during online dating Philippines? Men, after all, enjoy it!
So, what are the crazy 8 Rules of modern dating in the Philippines? Let’s look to science for a solution.

If you like someone, make an effort to approach them Crazy 8 Rules:

Wait for the other person to take the initiative. In this case, gender is no longer relevant; it’s all about common sense now! If you stand in the corner, waiting for him to walk over, how does he know you’re interested? If you’re talking to someone about art, for example, you may say, “I’ve been meaning to attend to that new exhibition at the V&A.” Would you like to come along with me? ” This brings me to rule #2…

Don’t be afraid of being rejected:

It is, believes it or not, your friend. We cannot, statistically, connect with everyone we encounter. Move on if you’re talking to someone and they make it plain that their feelings aren’t reciprocated. Consider it a step toward finding someone with whom you are compatible, rather than a setback for your self-esteem. If you want to increase your self-esteem, make sure you’re properly groomed. You can get support from

Maintain a relaxed atmosphere:

If you find someone attractive, approach them and strike up a natural conversation. When you think of walking up and opening with “Hello, sweet cheeks,” it can seem frightening, but just asking, “Is it normally this busy?” can be just as effective. “This is my first time here,” says the visitor.

Change your mindset and let go of erroneous standards:

Regardless of your faith in fate, you will not be able to tell if a man is right for you within the first two minutes of meeting him. Admit it: you probably spend more time poring over the Chinese takeout menu than you should! Once you stop asking yourself, “Is this the father of my children in the future?” ” or “does she seem to be the one?” Keeping this in mind makes taking things as they come a lot simpler. “Am I having a good time right now, in this moment?” is the question you should be asking. ”

Do you have a date? Great! Don’t hold your breath for the man to pay:

Even among the younger generations, a startling number of women want men to be ‘chivalrous’ and pay for dates. Why should men be expected to pay for dates? We now know that it used to be because they had more money and cars, but aren’t we all on an equal (or, at the very least, closer) footing now days? Isn’t it more important that we want to be? Generally speaking, whoever asks should pay. If women can ask, they can pay, and if males can ask, they can be kicked out!

So you had a fantastic date, congratulations! Forget about it now:

Except for the few hours you’ve spent together, this person you just went on a date with is a stranger. Don’t waste your time fantasizing about your ‘future’; instead, focus on living a full and happy life now. Nobody, especially someone you’ve just met, should keep you waiting by the phone!

Maintain an open mind:

There are many more happily ever afters than the traditional husband, wife, two children, and white picket fence. In the modern world, we have more options than ever before, which means there are more scenarios in which we can be happy. Don’t let outdated ideals of happiness prevent you from living a joyful life. This leads me to rule #8…

You can be content on your own Crazy 8 Rules

You should be content with yourself. Why should your happiness be contingent on the actions of another person? To me, it appears to be a bit of a gamble. Don’t wait for someone else to fill in the blanks for you. Begin living your life right now! Persons are drawn to people who are joyful. Be open, be joyful, and emit that happiness, and the person with whom you want to share it will come to you.
In the last few generations of flirting history, the rules have undoubtedly altered. Women are allowed to approach men, men are not required to pay for dates, and being single is wanted rather than pitied. We now have the ability to flirt and date for the sheer pleasure of it, rather than for the traditional objective of an early marriage. We’ve got to enjoy being single and be prepared for someone to love us for who we are. Crazy 8 Rules