Fast Flirting

The Art of Fast Flirting: How to Master the Game

The art of fast flirting is frequently neglected and underappreciated. It’s essential for establishing a connection, igniting chemistry, and ultimately getting a date. However, fast flirting can be unsettling and confusing for many people. It’s time to conquer the game of dating and learn the art of flirting if you’re sick of failing at Filipino dating.

Unspoken fact: Most girls enjoy it when boys approach them and make eye contact. If you’re doing it correctly, flirting is undoubtedly a healthy method to communicate with someone of the opposite sex. However, there is a very fine line between flirting that is appropriate and polite and flirting that makes you appear creepy to the other person.  Sometimes when you do approach a female with the intention of flirting with her, you can get a little ahead of yourself and come off as disrespectful or unintentionally creepy. But keep in mind that there is a significant distinction between a nasty pick-up line and a polite chat with a woman.

The best approach to flirting with a lady is to respect her boundaries. You only need to follow a few principles to capture her heart while flirting all the way. The simplest technique to flirt with ladies is as follows, provided you remember these guidelines:

Keep It Up Right Fast Flirting

When approaching a lady, the threat of rejection looms large and may prevent you from speaking to any particular woman. But you must realize that rejection is a fact of life, and the only way you will probably be able to prevent it is if you approach her in a respectful and polite manner, rather than stressing out over being humorous or coming up with a corny pick-up line. 

She won’t reject you right away if you are authentic and have a meaningful chat. Believe me, many women actually prefer a guy to simply ask them, “Hey, how’s it going?” as opposed to, “Are you hurt? Because it sounds cheesy like you’ve fallen from heaven.

If she does reject you, it can be because she is unavailable or busy and not wanting to meet new people. That is not at all a signal to “try harder.” That merely implies you should give her space. You’ll know when she wants you to make an effort because she won’t say, “I’m really not looking to meet anyone tonight” or “I’m out with the girls tonight, sorry,” or something similar. 

Uphold Eye Contact in Fast Flirting

Always keep eye contact with her to see whether she’s interested in you and to keep her interest in you alive. Of course not in a weird manner that will make her feel uneasy. Eye contact gives you a chance to pique her interest and quietly convey your interest to her. Every time your eyes come together, smile. Even before you begin a conversation, it’s crucial to keep eye contact. If she looks at you, even from a distance, it makes you feel confident.

Watch, but don’t stare

Always keep an eye on the woman you are pursuing. Watch her movements, body language in dating, speech patterns, and unconsciously performed actions. Depending on your keen powers of observation, of course, it pays to have a little bit of advanced knowledge of your maneuvers. Just try not to look at her. If you don’t understand the distinction between looking at someone and observing them, sorry, buddy.

Always Be Grinning

Your warm smile is a nice indication that you’re curious about her and would like to know her further. Even if you’re terrible at flirting, try to maintain a charming smile. She’ll know you’re a kind person, just trying his best to flirt, and she’ll undoubtedly assist you out because it exudes a lot of confidence and vigor. 

A grin really does go a long way, as they say.

Include Some Humour 

A wonderful courting tool is a humor. It can make a positive impression, lighten the mood, and ease tension. However, take care not to make offensive jokes or remarks. Be playful, light-hearted, and fun. You may make someone feel comfortable and show them you’re interested in them by adding a little humor to your flirting.

Be An Effective Hearer

Women occasionally have a strong hatred for men who talk nonstop to impress them. Because of this, it’s crucial to listen just as much as you speak.  A healthy habit is listening well, so if getting to know her is your only goal, try not to focus on yourself too much. Ask her questions and learn to pay attention to her answers. She would undoubtedly want to chat to you more if she notices that you are engaged in her humor.

Talk to Her Normally

It’s time to talk to her, so don’t wait for the music to start before you do so when everyone is staring at you and acting like you’re in a movie. No, mate, that is not how it is done. Simply project confidence, keep your smile and eye contact, and begin with a simple greeting like “hey”!

Appropriate Touching Is Good for Fast Flirting

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to touch her and make her feel uncomfortable, but some sort of bodily contact is important to establish a connection and affection. Of course, don’t do it if she feels uncomfortable. Like the time I was out with a girl who had the prettiest curls, and I couldn’t help caressing or playing with them. She became so uncomfortable with this that she ended our date rather than asking me to stop. 

You don’t really learn much from your successes, do you? So perhaps keep sometimes brushing your arm against her. If the bar is full, follow her while keeping your hand on the small of her back. You may lead her through the mob by keeping her exactly in the middle, neither too low nor too high. Being comfortable and flirty around someone is established through touch.


So, these are the key guidelines to remember when it comes to flirting with new people. If you’ve been doing things incorrectly and have had no luck, you now understand why. You’ll be in great shape with the women if you keep these things in mind! If you are looking dating partner then must visit: filipinos2meet