How Filipinos express love for their Dear Ones!

Did you know that Filipinos are the second most fulfilled among their Asian neighbors in terms of relationships with their spouses/partners? That Filipinos express love for their partners than any other Asian nationality? But did you know that Filipino couples have the most squabbles in the region? Do you agree or disagree?

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These and other findings can be gleaned from Pru Life UK’s Asia’s first relationship index, which examines the state of health of relationships (with partners, children, parents, friends, and relatives) in ten Asian countries, as all of these are “vital to our happiness, well-being, and longevity” as we begin another year.

Pinoys have the highest relationship satisfaction score in Asia, at 79 percent, indicating that our relationships meet 79 percent of our desired relationship needs. Vietnam has the highest score (83/100), while China has the lowest (54/100).

Why do relationships mean that much for Filipinos? Express love

Some 500 online interviews were conducted covering Metro Manila, with respondents ranging in age from 25 to 55 years old and coming from the top two-thirds of household incomes in the city. Over 5,000 interviews were conducted across 10 Asian countries and territories, including Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

“Relationships are central to our business.” We understand that our customers buy our products to protect the people and relationships they value the most. We also understand those good relationships are critical to our happiness and health.

“We want to help Filipinos understand their relationships better so that they can make them more rewarding,” says Antonio Manuel De Rosas, president/CEO of Pru Life UK. “The study’s findings are cause for both celebration and concern.” We Filipinos value relationships based on important characteristics such as partnership, companionship, respect, and honesty. However, gaps in relationship satisfaction exist, with family demands, financial uncertainty, and technology causing rising tension and stress.”

“Good relationships make us happier and healthier,” says Rose Fres Fausto, who found happiness after quitting her job as an investment banker to be a full-time mother to her three boys. “That’s what they discovered from the Harvard longitudinal study, which began in 1938 and is still ongoing today.” Some of the young men in the 1938 survey went on to achieve great success, even becoming presidents of the United States. It’s past time for an institution like Pru Life to draw our attention to the most important component of a happy life: our relationships with our spouses or partners, parents, children, siblings, friends, relatives, and even coworkers.”

From the upper statement, it’s quite clear that a good relationship is the core thing to live happily for running life happily. Also, our happiness depends on a large portion of our dearest one’s happiness. Below we are discussing the different form of their relationship and way to express their dedication:

Relationship with partners:

The concept of “love” can carry a lot of weight in romantic relationships, and people can feel anxious about communicating feelings of love to their romantic partners. It’s easy to believe that we all have the same understanding of love or that our partners understand what we mean when we say, “I love you.”

Most foreigners are surprised by the variety of ways Filipinos express their love. If you’re one of the many foreign men who have been matched with a Filipina woman and want to know how they express their love, you’ve come to the right place.

Always wants to be close to you:

A Filipina who is madly in love with you will seek to be close to you on a regular basis, whether in person or online. People who love you will call you frequently and try to include you in their social circles. If she truly cares about you, she will make an effort to introduce you to her family and friends so that they can assess you (for good purpose). You’ll also hear from her at inconvenient times, such as when you wake up in the morning and find a greeting from her waiting for you.

Quite protective over you:

This is regarded as one of the most visible manifestations of Filipino love. If she is overly concerned about your health and well-being, it is a strong indication that she has strong feelings for you. Remember that in the Philippines, family comes first, and people will go to great lengths to protect and support close family members. You’ll know she likes you when she starts looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re happy and safe. She wants you if she can feed you every day. And she clearly likes you if she gives you gifts.

Have admiration towards you:

The first sign of a woman’s interest is how she looks at you. If she looks at you with sparkling eyes, she’s probably smitten! Though this can only be determined over time and not on a single date, the way she looks at you can tell if she’s in love. Appreciate the different looks she gives you, such as when you are sick and she gives you a worried look, or when you visit her after a long business trip and she gives you an enthusiastic and “can’t wait to hug you” look.

The appearance of Jealousy:

When a Filipina shows interest in you, she will start asking questions about the other women you are talking to. And, yes, they are aware that you are communicating with other women, particularly on online dating sites. She’ll start by asking if you’re still talking to them, then she’ll grill you on the other women.  This turns off many men, but it’s a good sign that she’s interested in you and one of the ways Filipinos show love. Filipino women are extremely territorial, and almost all Filipinas will not tolerate someone they like talking to other women. Love is a serious business, and Filipino women take it very seriously.

Her family is aware of you:

As previously stated, family is everything in the Philippines. If a Filipina single is willing to introduce you to her family, she may be attempting to gain permission from her family to continue seeing you. In a nutshell, this is a strong indication that she is seriously interested in you. In reality, it’s something you should expect if you’re dating a Filipina woman, especially if she likes you a lot.This is by far the most flattering item on this list. The fact that she thinks you’re a good enough guy to ask her family for permission shows that things are getting serious. And if you were wondering whether she loved you up until this point, this should put an end to that.

Express love Always wish the best for you: 

When a Filipina woman desires the best for you, it is an indication of how much she adores you. She would make breakfast for you before you went to work, iron your clothes so you didn’t go out in wrinkled clothes, and she would always have dinner ready for you when you got home. She will always have your back and will support you in everything you do, and this is how Filipinos express love for their significant other. It’s not always about grand gestures, as in Hallmark movies, but about the small things you do for each other.

Asks you for the outing:

If a Filipina invites you out for drinks or coffee, you can be confident that she has strong feelings for you. Because Filipino women are more conservative and traditional than their Western counterparts, this is the case. Men are typically in charge of the early stages of a relationship in the Philippines. It takes a lot of guts for a Filipino lady to approach a man and ask him out their express love. And, while she just wants to hang out and drink coffee, it contradicts everything she’s been told, and it demonstrates her desire to be closer to you. Rather than all of those things, Filipinos who laugh the most with each other have the best relationships (note: not at each other). The highest proportion in the region, 89 percent, laugh with their partners at least once a week, and 67 percent do so every day.

Relationship With Friends:

It’s friendlier in the Philippines. Filipinos have the highest relationship score with their best friends, 50/100, in the region. Filipinos are more likely to want their friends to share personal secrets with them, console them when they are sad, and listen to them to express love.

Relationship With Children:

Filipino parents have the highest relationship scores (59/100) with their children in Asia, compared to the region’s average (48/100). Filipino parents are more likely than other parents in the region to believe it is important that they enjoy doing things with their children (75 percent vs. 59 percent on average). Filipino parents are the most likely to give their children advice (often unsolicited?) at least once a week (90 percent), with some doing so every day (59 percent).

The best Filipino dating website Filipino2Meet always respects the way of expressing love and keeping this in mind this blog is presenting for letting you know the expression of love so that when you date any Filipina woman you know their emotion, way of thinking, and a lot more. The most important takeaway from all of this is that you should take advantage of every sign you see, no matter what happens.Don’t let stereotypes keep you from falling in love with a Filipina. If she exhibits any of the above signs, trust your instincts and know that she genuinely loves you. Keep in mind, however, that most Filipinas who fall in love will want to keep their feelings hidden until they are certain it is unconditional, so take your time and enjoy the moment!