How to go from Best friend to Boyfriend

How to go from Best friend to Boyfriend at Filipinos2Meet

It can be difficult to know what to do when you develop feelings for a friend of the opposite sex. Do you tell him you like him, wait for him to confess his undying love for you, or suffer in silence with your unrequited feelings? Don’t give up! There are a few things you can do to turn your best friend into your boyfriend, hopefully transforming a great friendship into an even better relationship.

Great friends can sometimes become great lovers. The problem is that the other person must feel the same way. You cannot make that person want you more intimately; there must be a convergence of minds and desires. So, if you’ve had an epiphany and believe your guy friend is suddenly the one for you in the love stakes, proceed with caution.

Determine how he feels about you

Just because you’ve recently changed your mind about your friend doesn’t mean he understands what’s going on. He might be perfectly content with how your friendship is going and have no desire to change anything about it. On the other hand, he might feel the same way you do and be curious about your feelings for him. Start paying attention to how he behaves around you. If he becomes fidgety or self-conscious around you, it could be an indication that his feelings for you are developing into something more.

Take note of his body language: does he open the door for you, touch the small of your back, or stare at you more frequently? If this is the case, your feelings for him may be reciprocated. Does he mention other girls to you, or does he treat you like one of the guys? If this is the case, his feelings for you may be more platonic.

Seek advice from your friends for how to go from best friend to boyfriend

Your other friends may be able to give you some insight into whether or not they believe your crush will reciprocate your feelings. When you are already close to someone as a friend, it can be difficult to gauge their interest. Your friends may be able to provide some perspective on the situation and assist you in deciding whether to pursue the relationship further or remain friends.

It’s possible that your best friend has developed new feelings for you as well, and that this new development is obvious to everyone except the two of you. It’s a good sign if your friends are already asking about the two of you! Talking to your friends (the ones you can trust not to break your trust) can also help you sort through your own feelings and clarify what you want to happen with your best friend relationship. How to go from Best friend to Boyfriend

Be certain of your own emotions

Before you tell your best friend that you want more from the relationship and risk losing a great friendship, make sure your feelings are genuine and not a passing fancy. Even if your friend shares your feelings, make sure you’re willing to risk losing your friendship in order to pursue a romantic relationship.

Remember that it may not be possible to return to being best friends if things do not work out, but all growth requires risk. You just have to decide for yourself whether it’s worthwhile. Take your time exploring your feelings if you’ve been friends for a long time! There’s no need to rush to do your best.

Take your time exploring your feelings if you’ve been friends for a long time! There’s no rush to turn your best friend into your boyfriend, and the transition from friends to something more is significant. The slower you make the change, the more likely you are to avoid hurt or awkward feelings on anyone’s part.

Maintain your physical appearance for how to go from best friend to boyfriend

Make an effort to look your best at all times. You don’t have to make drastic changes or start wearing heavy makeup if you don’t normally. Simply take care of your body by staying fit, eating right, and making sure you look well-rested and confident when you see your best friend.

Start letting your hair down if you usually wear it up.

When it comes to perfume, less is more. You want to smell nice without overwhelming him with a cloying scent. Making minor changes to your appearance will alert your friend to the fact that something is off about you. He might not be able to pinpoint it right away, which will cause him to wonder about you and think about you differently. How to go from Best friend to Boyfriend

If he recently had an ex, find out if he is over the ex

You don’t want him as a beau if he still has feelings for his ex. So, how do you figure it out? Inquire with him! Carry it out casually, as part of your normal conversations. Encourage him to discuss his feelings for his ex, whether they are positive or negative. Inquire whether he’s seen his ex recently if they’re still in contact, and so on. Back off if he hasn’t moved on from his ex. Consider him available if he is (with caution, of course).

Be enigmatic

Begin acting differently around him, such as looking at him more frequently or blushing in his presence. He’ll notice the difference eventually, and he might even notice that you like him. Pick up a new hobby or start spending more time with your girlfriends if you usually spend a lot of time together. He might miss you and think about you more. After all, as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. How to go from Best friend to Boyfriend

By trying new things and being interesting, you will not only be more appealing to your crush, but you will also have more fun!

Stay true to yourself

After all, you want to advance your already genuine and healthy friendship, so don’t try to be someone you’re not. Try to act the same way around him that you did before realizing you liked him. Try to talk to him normally, even if you have the impression that your feelings for him are written all over your face. Fill your life with things that make you happy and fulfilled. A relationship should supplement your already full and complete life. Be wary of expecting your potential new relationship with your best friend to “complete” you. How to go from Best friend to Boyfriend


Finally, but not least, Remember to accept and comprehend his response, whatever it may be. Your ability to understand and respect each other is most likely one of the reasons you first became friends. Also, give yourself some credit for being brave enough to tell your best friend you have feelings for him! If he says no but you still want to be friends, give yourself and him a few days to work through any residual awkwardness.

Even if his response is exactly what you were hoping for, your interactions with each other will most likely be awkward for a while as each of you learns how to act as you transition from friends to a relationship. Remind your friend that you do not require an immediate response! If it’s easier for them, they can take some time to think things through. If you are looking for a dating partner or How to go from Best friend to Boyfriend then must visit: Filipinos2meet