Target Date Idea

Best Surprise Target Date Idea For You

We’re raising the bar on date night expectations, and it all starts with some surprisingly simple romantic Target Date Idea. They don’t have to be expensive, nor do they have to be time-consuming. All you really need is some thought and planning ahead of time. Because if you think you can get away with going to (or worse, ordering takeout from) the same boring restaurant every Friday night or spending the entire weekend binge-watching Love Island for the fifth time with your boo, think again. Instead, take a few minutes to come up with some fun date ideas for you and your significant other. You’ll have a great night and they’ll love you even more for getting creative. In our opinion, it’s a win-win situation.

Whether you want to spice up your relationship, reconnect after five years of dating, or simply have a few fun dates in your back pocket for when you meet someone worth impressing, trying something new and different is always a good idea. Anyone can make a reservation for dinner at the little Italian restaurant down the street, but it takes a true dating pro to transform an ordinary evening into a magical one. A little effort and creative thinking can mean the difference between a date night your partner will soon forget and one they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives. Isn’t that worthwhile?

Still, we understand that not everyone has a running list of some of the best Target Date Idea in their head. That being said, we do and are happy to share. We can think of 30 great date ideas right away—and no matter what kind of couple you and your partner are, we’re confident you’ll enjoy at least a few of them.

We understand that not everyone wants to snuggle under a pillow fort or plan their dream vacation. Sometimes you just want something simple and low-key (but still creative) to do at home, while other times you crave adventure. Not all dates are created equal, so try out a few over the weekend and see which one becomes a regular in your date night routine. Just don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone or try something scary every now and then. Consider these imaginative date suggestions a fun bonding experience that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your relationship.

Whether it’s your first date, second date, or 500th date, the 30 creative online date ideas below will help you make some memories. There’s a lot of variety in this lineup, from sunrise beach trips to museum exploration, so keep reading to see which dates sound like a good fit for your relationship. Then put them to use! You and your partner will be grateful that you took the time to simply browse a list and select something new.

By the way, you can totally tell your partner that you came up with all of these original date suggestions and claim credit for them. Your privacy is secure with us. Let’s start making plans now! Your most passionate date yet is here.

Picnic Meal

There’s a reason why this Target Date Idea is a classic. A fun and simple way to impress your partner is with a picnic. The fact that picnics can be as inexpensive or as expensive as your budget allows is one of their best features. The cost can be kept down by serving homemade turkey sandwiches with pickles and watermelon for dessert, but your partner will be delighted if you surprise them with a picnic basket full of freshly prepared food. You could also go all-out with a fancy spread from your neighborhood bakery or diner, or get some good French cheese and a fresh baguette.

Weekend Vacation and Target Date Idea

Plan an overnight getaway if you know your partner has a free weekend. This might just be a quick trip to a downtown hotel with room service and a jacuzzi or to the closest beach town for two days of sun-soaked relaxation.

Planning a weekend getaway requires taking your partner’s feelings into consideration. They might not be ready to leave them overnight if you have a young child. However, this might be the best choice if you both have some downtime after a few busy weeks at work. To determine whether a whole weekend away is the best idea, think about checking in subtly.

Virtual Vacation

Consider surprising your partner with a sampler virtual vacation if you’re still saving up for a costly international vacation. Cook or order a delicious Italian dish, such as thin-crust pizza or homemade pumpkin ravioli with a decadent cream sauce. Spend money on Italian wine, and for dessert, have tiramisu and Grappa to cap off the evening.

Keep a scrapbook of your own history.

You’ll have a ton of fun scrapbooking with your partner as you relive old memories and exchange funny stories, whether your partner has a ton of baby pictures they want to be organized or you end up printing out the best of your college years from a Facebook album. It’s a private job, but it’s also a great way to learn more about someone.

Unexpected Taste Test

Pick a category—water bottles, soda, fast food fries, chocolate bars, etc.—and buy multiple well-known versions. Then, have one partner rate each one or try to identify each one while the others are all blindfolded. Although it may seem silly, you’ll be surprised at how into it you two become! Particularly when you come to the realization that your “favorite water” actually tastes awful in comparison to the bottle you never buy.

Love in literature and target date Idea

Find one (or more) of your all-time favorites in a bookstore, then swap them. Find some comfy chairs, hunker down, and enjoy an afternoon discussing your picks. This is also a free Target Date Idea if you’re about to spend time apart. So you can read your significant other’s favorite book while you’re away and talk about it when you get back. You guys, two dates in one!


Consider your partner’s likes and dislikes to plan a Target Date Idea for them. Give your time with them on the date top priority. You could arrange a candle-lit dinner with a home-cooked meal if they prefer romantic ideas. For enjoyable and active dates, pick a pastime like their favorite sport, karaoke, camping, or a movie. Don’t forget to bring their favorite meal on the date. When talking about dates, it’s important to emphasize that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money on a date. The main motive for having a date is to spend time with each other and do something you love. Why not therefore budget for one that won’t break the bank while still ensuring you have spent quality time?