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Why are Filipinos so attractive and alluring?

Why are Filipinos so attractive and alluring? Have you ever wondered this before?

There is always something special on every Filipino, Whether it is their stunning looks, gorgeous body, irresistible smile and of-course their welcoming attitude. Be that as it may, what makes every single filipino so attractive and alluring to other people?

  • The Mystery of Proximity- Have you ever wondered why we are always attracted to people who we talk too every time? Its because we are programmed to be attracted to people who are close to us. Furthermore, Mere exposure to someone makes us more attracted to them. If you are constantly chatting a filipina girl, then there is a high chance that you will be attracted to that filipina.
  • Filipinos are attractive because they look healthy and fertile- We are always attracted to fit people. And most filipinos in general are fit and thin. Only Few filipinos are chubby and big. Being Fit and fertile indicates a healthy lifestyle and a healthy individual. The secret of filipinos is they are always on a diet. Furthermore, most filipinos don’t eat a lot of food to make themselves fit, and looking sexy. Most Filipinos are doing their daily exercise as well. Before they go to work or do their daily tasks, they will save some time to exercise. It can be by doing a 20 minutes jogging or by doing yoga. Whether we Like it or not, people are more attractive to people who look healthy and who look like they can reproduce. Face symmetry and hip ratio is also important when someone is attractive or not. Most Filipinos have symmetrical faces and have great body and hip ratio.
  • Our Parents, Families or Environment, makes a huge impact on who we find as attractive. Whether you watch movies about Asian People, or you have a lot of friends or members in your family that dates Filipino people, Then you will likely be more attracted to them. Be that as it may, most Filipinos are in the news and in the TV. One of which is the Miss Universe 2018, which is Catriona Gray. She is a Filipino and because of her exposure. There is a high chance that all of the viewers will think that Filipinos are attractive people. This is a huge fact and scientifically proven. There are a lot of Filipinos who have Joined Pageants and won their titles.
  • Filipinos have the best personality- Filipinos are kind, chill , loving, caring, understanding, polite and happy individuals. They always care for you and show some love or support to whatever you want in life. They are extremely polite people and always welcome new people in their lives. They are easy to be friends with and they are mostly humble. This makes filipinos attractive, they make themselves vulnerable and they can engage and create rapport easily, making you fall for them.
  • Filipinos project a good mother type of example. Most filipinos are extremely caring and loving. They will make you feel like they are extremely ready to have kids. They are unlike other people who are just focusing on themselves. Most filipinos always ask you questions, to get to know you better and potentially spend the rest of their lives with you. They are thinking of their future and they are always thinking of new possibilities to provide help and support emotionally to their partner.
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  • Filipinos are smart- Most filipinos understands basic math and they can communicate in English extremely well. They have basic education and they clearly understand simple logic. In short, Filipinos are not dumb. They might be filipinos who are financially in trouble but most filipinos dont let their education be affected by their means. That is why a lot of foreigners date Filipino Girls, because they are not dumb.
  • Filipinos are extremely positive- Being Positive in Life makes you more attractive. It sends a signal that you are okay with no matter what in life. You are ready for every worst circumstance that could potentially happen. Being Positive is also associated with being carefree and being a happy go lucky person. Its all about not being negative and always seeing the bright side of the other person. When Filipinos meet new people, they are positive that they will be in a good first impression and they will potentially land that date because they think they are good enough for their partner.

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