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What to expect when dating Filipino woman

Dating a Filipino woman!

It should come as no surprise if your Filipino girlfriend (Filipino woman ) comes from a whole different world than yours. Since you were born and brought up in different parts of the world it is only natural that there is a huge cultural gap between the two of you. Starting with your likes and dislikes to your way of life, everything would be different. Rather than being overwhelmed later, it is much better if you get an idea of what you are getting into.

Here is a list of 10 things you should expect when you get in a relationship with and dating Filipino women

They are religious: dating a Filipino woman

Filipino woman come from a very religious background. Most of the Filipino population follows Christianity so chances are that the woman you’re dating is also Christian. Almost all Filipino Christians follow it with all their heart. They go to church every Sunday and follow all Catholic customs, traditions, and festivals. Chances are that your Filipina would want you to be accepting of her culture. She might even plan on bringing up her children as Christians because of how strong her faith is. Even if you don’t want to partake in religious customs, you should never be disrespectful towards it.

They are fluent English speakers:

Communication is key in any relationship. One might assume that since Filipinos are of ancient origin, they probably are not as well versed in English. However, you are grossly mistaken. The Philippines has one of the countries with the most number of proficient English speakers in Asia. So you might face some difficulties adjusting with a Filipino woman but the language is never going to be one of them. It is also a bonus because you can talk about your problems with them too.

They can be easily found on dating sites:

You don’t have to fly to the Philippines in pursuit of a Filipino girlfriend. Online dating is a big thing in the Philippines and a lot of gorgeous Filipinas can be found on them. There are also a lot of Filipino exclusive dating sites and apps that will help you in your pursuit of a Filipina. Try dating one from the comfort of your home, to begin with.

They love their families:

Unlike the western culture where children tend to move out as soon as they are 18, in the Philippines children usually never move out and stay with their parents; even after marriage. This makes it pretty obvious that family means a lot of Filipinos. Filipino families also play an important role in decision making especially when it comes to dating. This means you need to make a strong and good impression on the Filipinas family so that they approve of you.

They also love food:

Filipinos also love to feast. Be it any festival, occasion, anniversary, birthday, or just a simple get-together, there will definitely be an extravagant spread laid out. If Filipinos celebrate, they celebrate it with a lot of delicious food. It’s not just them, they will also expect you to feast just as much as they are. You will always be kept well-fed when you are around Filipinos. So it’s safe to say that your Filipina girlfriend’s family will stuff you with food any chance they get.

They would want you to meet their entire family:

It has already been established how much a Filipina’s family means to her. If you are dating a Filipina and it is serious, she would want her family to know who she is dating. The family does not mean just immediate family, family includes parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and the whole deal. Even her family will be very keen to know who their girl is dating. So you should probably be prepared to meet a parade of family members if you are dating a Filipina.

They love to do karaoke:

Karaoke is something that has always ‘been in’ in Filipino culture. It is associated with the leisure activities of almost all of the Filipino population. Of there is a Karaoke machine, a Filipina absolutely has to sing. Karaoke is also a very popular activity whenever there is drinking involved. So, be prepared if you are out partying or celebrating with a Filipina, she will definitely make you sing.

They find souvenirs (Pasalubong) a must:

A Pasalubong is like a souvenir people bring back home along with them whenever they make trips. Although it is not uncommon for people to bring back souvenirs for their friends and family, it is a tad more important to Filipinos. It is almost offensive or hurtful if you don’t bring back Pasalubong for your Filipino friends and family. So every time you make a trip, make sure you bring a bag full of souvenirs for your Filipina and her family and friends.

They get upset easily (Tampo):

Tampo is a Filipino word for a person who is basically upset. Tampo roughly translated to English means sulking or pouting. Filipinas usually go to Tampo. Although it is not uncommon for there to be squabbles and fights in a relationship, it is important that you talk it out maturely.

They expect Suyo when they are in Tampo

Suyo roughly translated to English means showing affection. You need to show tonnes of affection to your Filipina girlfriend whenever she is sulking. There isn’t much to it either, you only need to talk it out, apologize and be sincere about it. All of this might seem like a lot of work but it usually just flows with a Filipina because a Filipino woman has an easygoing personality. All of these points will help you a lot in understanding your Filipino girlfriend. Even if it is work, hold on to your Filipina because they will love you no matter what. dating a Filipino woman