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Community Guidelines

These guidelines outline what we expect from our users and help maintain a positive environment for everyone

Filipino2Meet is meant to be a fun, friendly and safe place for you to connect with other people like yourself. We expect users to conduct themselves respectfully and responsibly when communicating with others. We don't accept abuse or offensiveness in any form, and such behavior will result in removal from our website.

Photo policy

●  Your photos must not contain any children, including your own child/children or yourself as a child

●  Nudity, seductive poses, cleavages, close-ups of breasts, lingerie, shirtless photos, fetishism and violence are not allowed

●  Only you can be in your photos, and your photos must be recent and clearly show your face. Do not edit your photos to change your appearance


This one can tie in with Impersonation. Scammers love to impersonate other people, to lull people into a false sense of security in order to get close to them and ask for services or financial help. Filipinos2Meet has a zero-policy rule on scammers, and if caught, are immediately and permanently banned from Filipinos2Meet. Take your time, think with clarity, and never rush into anything.

In addition, scammers often attempt to have you communicate off Filipinos2Meet so that they can operate outside of our jurisdiction. Never send anything to people that ask for it, regardless of how emotional their stories or claims are - a dating site is never the place to seek help. Be smart and report these accounts to us.

User profiles

Feel free to make your profile as serious or fun as you want. However, there are a few things we don't allow:

●  No swearing or inappropriate language

●  No nudity or overly suggestive photos

●  No ambiguous group photos

●  No photos of unaccompanied children

●  No photos of unaccompanied pets

●  No photos that don't show your face or that make it impossible to know that it's really you

●  No email addresses, social media handles or telephone numbers in your description

●  No aggressive content, violence, or weapons

●  No soliciting of business or promoting services


When communicating with others, you're free to talk through the Filipinos2Meet site. The following is a list of what don't allow:

●  never attempt to divert people to external websites, Messenger, web-cam, email or phone numbers, - this will result in a permanent ban

●  No abuse, threats or harassment of any kind

●  No sexual or immoral talk that runs against the values of this community - please keep it clean

●  No requests for money or offering money

●  No scamming, or attempts to deceive or manipulate

●  No soliciting of business or promoting services


Bad users

We do our best to keep bad users out, but it is possible that you will come across someone who doesn't play by the rules.

Help us keep Filipinos2Meet community clean for everyone's benefit by reporting such users to our moderation team. To report someone, select the report user option from the menu on the user's profile page.