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Safety Tips


Make your Filipins2Meet online dating experience safer and smarter by keeping a few things in mind when connecting with other users

The Internet is full of strangers. Please use common sense when connecting with someone that you don't know. Whilst we do our best to keep bad users away, it's ultimately up to you to take precautions to protect yourself.

Get to know the person here first

When you meet someone, spend some time talking to them through our website first. Dishonest people often seek to move the conversation quickly away from the website because it makes it harder for them to get caught.

Protect your personal details

Don't disclose too many personal details about yourself, especially things like financial details, your home address or where your work to someone you don't know. These will all come naturally later.

Never send money to someone online

Don't respond to any requests for money, even if their reasons appear genuine or the person claims to be in an emergency. Such requests are always dishonest. Instead, report such users to us. If you want to pay for someone's travel expenses to meet you, offer to make the arrangements yourself rather than sending money.

Meet in public places

If you are meeting someone in person, agree to meet in a public place where there are other people, and avoid consuming anything that might affect your decision-making. Don't invite someone you don't know to your home or visit them in their home.

Don't allow anyone to pressure you

You never have to say or do something that you're not totally comfortable with. Block or report users who you feel are not making you feel comfortable.