10 of the most important qualities women look for in a guy

10 of the most important qualities women look for in a guy

important qualities women look for in a guy


Don’t feel bad if you have to say no to someone because “the chemistry” isn’t right. According to a survey, women are initially attracted to men because of their physical appearance. “Can we have a conversation with this person? Do I feel invigorated when I talk to this person?” These are attributes that help to build a foundation, a deeper connection, and a relationship with this individual.


Building a friendship with someone who is closed off is tough. “A vulnerable man has a counter-cultural desire to relinquish the power position in which males are socialized to feel at ease,” Hunt explains. “In order for a partnership to happen, a man must be willing to be vulnerable and offer his heart,” she says. Ladies, take note: this also applies to you.


This is a big one because it’s divided into three sections. “Stability” Hendrix defines as “emotionally steady (without flying off the handle), fiscally stable, and relationally stable.” If you’re unfamiliar with the third component, Hendrix adds that it indicates you can count on him to be predictable and reliable and that you could trust him if you shared home or had a child with him.


If you’ve ever felt undervalued or ignored in a relationship, it’s possible that it’s because your spouse didn’t treat you as an equal. “The cultural disparity between equality that has existed for thousands of years, when women were unequal to males in every manner, socially, economically, politically, and sexually, is changing,” she says. “Now women want to be viewed as equals to men and not have to battle for domination with men.


It’s quite OK to seek to influence (rather than alter) your partner. According to a research (who examined what makes happy couples happy) reveals that men who allow themselves to be influenced by their spouses have more effective relationships. “According to research, the majority of women already do this,” she says, “but it’s not the same for guys.” Being open to being influenced implies that the man is aware of and responds to his partner’s feelings and desires.