How to Date a Woman During this Pandemic? (new way)

How to Date a Woman During this Pandemic?

I know what you are feeling right now about date this pandemic, You might be so depressed and want to escape this very boring life in your house. What if I tell you how to increase your chances of dating someone without stepping outside your house? This is the perfect time to use Online Dating Websites!

Online Dating Websites are the innovation and probably the next generation of dating. Sign up in websites like filipinos2meet You will be matched with a pretty filipino girl, that will surely vibe with you. You will have the option to choose from which girl you like, and from which of those girls like you as well. In short, its like dating in real life, but using your computer or mobile phone to talk to her.

How to Date a Woman During this Pandemic?

How to date a woman to increase the chances of getting a Matched for date this pandemic?

✪ You need to have a solid dating profile photo, Photos that show you are a high value man. Example of this are skiing, Taking photos out of the country, Travelling the world, Riding cars, Racing, Going to Disneyland and more…

✪ As much as possible, avoid blurred photos and avoid Sharing photos with your friends on your pictures. You don’t want to confuse the girl and make her think whoever you are in the photos. Always use photos with good lighting and showing the best, fun side in you. Show her how you play golf, how you love basketball or how you love to swim. By displaying high value photos, you will instantly match with more girls. How to Date a Woman During this Pandemic?

✪ Avoid nude photos. As much as possible, do not display nude photos, as it will massively turn off most girls. Remember, you need to show respect for now, and make sure you will be presented with good manners. You can save those nude photos , when you meet with the girl in real life later.

✪ Hire a photographer, A photographer can help you massively. By hiring a photographer, you will have a higher chance to get more matches. A photographer knows which lighting is good, which is bad, which angle will make you more attractive and more.

✪ Smile and enjoy… By smiling, you are showing to your potential match that you are carefree, nonchalant and much more approachable. Studies have shown that guys who smile more are actually perceived more friendly and therefore you will likely get more matches.

✪ Never Carry a gun or weapon on your pictures. Never show you are a bad guy or trying to be tough, It will just make you look like a douche and a low value guy.

✪ Always present yourself as high value. Wear suits, fitted jackets, fitted clothing and fashionable statements.

✪ Never flex your abs or how you work out, on your dating profile, Unless you wanna show your abs, you can flex those abs while you are on the beach or in the pool. As much as possible, avoid flexing your abs while you are in the gym or in your home, it makes you look insecure and try hard.

✪ Always Carry yourself like a boss. This means, showing strong eye contact, upper body posture, and portraying you are a real man. You can show this by Standing up straight. How to Date a Woman During this Pandemic?

✪ You can also use dogs or cats to your advantage. Girls love guys who love animals. It shows you are a caring, charismatic guy. By carrying a dog or a cat, you are showing you can take care of the girl as well. It is a psychological response of the opposite sex, to be attracted to the other person who loves animals.

✪ Be genuinely kind and respectul. Girls don’t like guys who are rude. You might heard that girls love bad boys, But it doesn’t mean that bad boys are rude, they are simply taking care of themselves more than they care about others, As a result, you can on improving yourself first before trying to improve other people. You will see a significant increase on how other people will treat you.

✪ Self-improvement is king, By going to the gym, by improving your social life, you will increase your sexual market value and how other people will be attracted to you. As much as possible, try to have a balanced diet as well. By being fit, charismatic, funny, confident, you will surely get thousands of matches.

So that’s it, How to Date a Woman During this Pandemic? I hope you learn the secrets to getting a date this pandemic, With that in mind, you can surely answer the question , How to date this pandemic?  Just always keep on improving yourself, and you will notice significant changes in your life. Always remember that you are what you attract. If you want a dime, then you need to be a dime, If you are a 4, then don’t expect to attract a 10. Enjoy dating for free on the best dating site Philippines