Filipino woman

Things to know before courting a Filipino Woman

It does not come as a shock at all if you have your eyes set on a Filipino Woman. It is not uncommon for guys from foreign countries to fall for Filipino women. While Filipino culture has come to hold a lot of similarities to Western culture, it is still pretty diverse and different from that of the West. This distinction between the way of life is probably why Filipinas attract a lot of attention from foreigners, to begin with. However, it would be plain ridiculous to jump into a relationship with a Filipina without understanding the basic crux of what a relationship with a Filipino woman looks like. Getting a clear image of what a Filipina is like when she is in a relationship will also help you get insight and you know about how to love a Filipino woman into what she is like so it becomes easier if you are to court her.

Here is a list of things that you should know before courting a Filipina :

Filipino women play hard to get:

A Filipina believes in ‘if you want it you have to work for it’. It is not unusual for a Filipino woman to act reluctant when a guy is trying to court her. They usually shy away from guys and act hesitant. If a Filipino woman pushes you away, it’s probably just her playing hard to get. Filipinas don’t want to be portrayed as easy. They will usually act oblivious only because they don’t want to seem like they are easy to get. This is also because Filipino women want to know how far you are willing to go to keep them. They like to know their worth in your books. Filipinas play hard to get to test how badly you want them and what you are willing to do to get them.

They don’t care about your age:

Filipinas are people who do not care about how old you are as long as you are not a minor. They do not judge anyone based on their age. More than often Filipinas are seen dating men older than them. Old does not even mean a few years older, Filipinas are usually seen dating men who are twice their age or even more.
This is mostly because Filipinas care about maturity. Not only are they mature, but they are also more financially stable and ready for a serious commitment.

They care a lot about their family’s opinion:

Unlike the west where children start to live independently as soon as they turn 18, it is not uncommon for Filipinos to live with their parents well after they are 18. Filipino culture also involves joint families which means that the children pretty much never move out; not even after they are married. Therefore, it is important for a guy who is seeing a Filipino woman meet her parents and a Filipino woman would not take just anyone to meet her parents. So if she takes you to meet her parents, she is very serious about you. This also makes it evident that Filipinas parents are completely involved in all the decision-making when it comes to the Filipina’s life.

They like to be pampered:

This does not mean they expect you to buy her pricey things. Filipinas are not at all materialistic in any manner. Little things matter a lot to them. Filipinas float on air at the simplest things you do for them. Get her flowers for no reason, get her chocolates out of the blue, everything matters. You have no idea how much just picking her up from work or cooking her dinner would mean to her.
Filipinas are like kids at heart. They don’t expect grand gestures or fancy gifts. It is only the thought that counts. If not out of the blue, then even for birthdays or anniversaries; do something thoughtful for a Filipina and you will see a smile planted on her face the whole day and she won’t ever forget it.

They love hard:

Filipinas are hard to get and courting them seems like a lot of work. Once you have established their worth though, and they feel like you have earned their attention, they will treat you like you are her world. They won’t care about whether or not you are good-looking, have money, or are powerful. They only care about how you are on the inside. Once they feel like you are since and dedicated towards them, they will love you as you have never been loved before; provided you treat her right. Filipinas might not seem like it but they are just full of sunshine and sparkles. It’s just that you need to reach a certain level of comfort with her to be able to unlock this side of her. They are usually bubbly and charming while being poised and elegant. The above pointers will help when you are trying to court a Filipina. However, courting is not where it all ends. You need to shine through and prove to your Filipino woman that she can always count on you. You need to put just as much effort into maintaining the relationship as you did to get into one.